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3D render illustration of a blue T cell.
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Marengo Therapeutics is pioneering a brand-new way to activate the body’s own immune system to mount a rapid, effective, and durable response against cancer.
As a clinical-stage biotech company, we develop novel TCR-targeting antibodies that selectively modulate common and disease-specific T cell subsets to combat cancer and other diseases.
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An entirely different approach to tackling cancer with a novel mode of T cell activation
Marengo scientists have discovered a new way to activate specific T cell subsets and fight tumors by directly targeting Variable β (Vβ) chain variants of the TCR. Our first-in-class antibody libraries enable selective modulating of all germline-encoded Vβ TCR variants and therefore support a new way to deploy the human T cell repertoire to fight cancer and other diseases.
3D render illustration of a T cell attacking a cancer cell